Michael Cornelius Zepter

born 1. Oktober 1938 in Cologne/ Germany as son of the painter and designer Hans Alfred Zepter
and his wife Margarete von Vacano, 2 brothers: Christian (1941-1971), Bernhard (*1944)
childhood in Gollenshausen/ Chiemsee in Bavaria
1950 back to Cologne
Dreikönigsgymnasium Cologne, 1959 matura

1959 - 1964 studies of fine arts at the academy of Düsseldorf
teachers: Otto Coester and Josef Faßbender
design, painting. printing, art education

1963 married with Dascha Verne
children: David Christian (*1964); Alexandra Lavinia (*1966)

1964 - 1968 profession as social worker and teacher
1968   examina for high school teacher (art education)
1968 - 1972 profession as teacher on secundary schools in Cologne
1972 - 1985 university teacher (assistant professor) in Aachen (RWTH): art education
1986 - 2002 university teacher (assistant professor) University of Cologne: textile art and education
since 2003 author

1966 - 67 studies of philosophy (Prof. Walter Warnach and Alwin Diemer, University of Düsseldorf)
1975 - 78 studies of art history and science (Prof. Hans Holländer, RWTH Aachen)

since 1988 living in Cologne /Rhine (St. Agnes Quarter )
centre of art activities:
design, painting, photography
researching fields:
cultural studies (disguise, carnival and art, artist festivities in 20th century)