Michael Cornelius Zepter
A. Art-performances, organisations, activities:
Improvisations for Jazzcombo and Painting
Drawings, Paintings and Videos; subject: "appartments, town, architecture"
1970 -1972 Artist_Group ROTOHR Cologne (with Heinrich Dreidoppel,
Georg Rosenthal, Ansgar Jerrentrup and Christian Zepter)
since 1970 Conzeption and organisation of art-expositions,
a. o.: Neumarkt (Newmarket) of Artists, KKK 1972 and KKK 1973,
Künstlerische Arbeitsfelder (Artistic working-areas), Cologne 1980,

Stern-Bilder (Star-Images) Bruehl/ Rhineland
Klaus Staeck, Aachen (Exposition of Posters)
Nebelkammer Cologne

1991 Die Koffer der Europa, (Bags of Europe)
International congress-exposition: Art of Textile, Kehl
1988-2002 Künstlertagebücher (Artist-Diaries)
B. Expositions (one-man)
1965 Galerie NOS, Duisburg: drawings, oil=paintings
1976 Arthotek, Cologne: drawings
1981 Atrium of New Gallery - Collection Ludwig, Aachen:
1984 VHS Essen: "Schwarze Landschaften" (black landscapes)
C. Group-Expositions (selected):
1970 "Räume" - ( "Environments") KKK 70 (Cologne),
(with Frommberger, Meschede, Reick and Rosenthal)
1973 Gallery Bayer, IKI , Art Fair Duesseldorf
1978 "Rudolph-Place - Place of Happening", Hahnentorburg Cologne
1981 "6 Artists of Cologne" - Art-Society Salzburg, Austria
"Star-Images" Bruehl/ Rhineland
"Artists in Aachen Today" - Jubilee-Exposition
Suermond-Ludwig-Museum Aachen
1983 "Subject Foto - 13 Artists, 13 Methods"
Villa Engelhard, Duesseldorf
1984 "Praxis" Exposition of Teachers and Students
Seminary of Visual Art, RWTH Aachen, Stolberg-Castle
1988 "Nebelkammer"
(Friends of Michael Zepter and
Dascha Verne - 38 Artists b. o. Joachim Bandau, Bernhard J. Blume,
Dieter Boers, Victor Bonato, P. J. Buchholz, Willi Frommberger,
Blalla W. Hallmann, Daniel Hees, Attila Kovacs, Fritz Lauten, Horst Lerche,
Jürgen Porrmann,S. D. Sauerbier, Klaus Staeck, Dorothea Stefula,
Elisabeth Vary, Thomas Virnich, Irmgard Zepf u. David Zepter)
) more informations You can find here:
D. Lectures, Performances: (selected):



Fruehlingsritual - Kuertenfaestiwel ("Spring-Ritual" - Festival of Kuerten, Rhineland)
Performance with Johanna Frommberger

13th Salon Europe
Lecture of essays about the Cultures of Costuming -
Salon Europa, Cologne (performed by Rose Packebusch)