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My name is Michael Cornelius Zepter, I was borne in Cologne, Germany, on October 1st, 1938 as son of Margarete von Vacano and the painter and designer Hans Alfred Zepter. In the past I worked professionally as a social worker, a teacher and a lecturer in art and textile education. Today I am a free artist and author.
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In my artistic work I focus on drawing, especially pen-and-ink drawing. Crucial to my painting is the connection of photography (objective reality) and the gestures of hand. In addition, I made several field projects using video and performance.
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My interest in thescience of arts and philosophy strongly influenced my research into the field of cultural studies and art history (which focuses on the 20th century).
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Als a lecturer in art education and textile design in Aachen and Cologne I combined artistic practice (drawing, experimental printing) with theoretic studies in art and design (aesthetics;theory of perception). Furthermore, I did several major projects in the fields of documentation and clothing (for example, a carnival project in Cologne).
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My current field of research: Art and Carnival in the 20th century (especially the parties and celebrations of artists).
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The background of the pages integrates details and structures of my drawings